Saturday, 26 April 2014

Lingerie Addicts Anonymous

My Prelude shot by Nat Rowe

I recently started a small support group called Lingerie Addicts Anonymous or as I like to call us #LAA. Once a week, lingerie addicts from around Melbourne gather to chat about the lingerie we sell, own or desire. We all have something in common. A now not so secret addiction to lingerie.

When I first talked about starting this group, I couldn't imagine there would be so many interested in joining in the conversation. I felt Australia was so out of the lingerie loop that I pictured these events being based around me showing myself my latest lingerie purchases in front of the mirror.

But as I blogged, Tweeted and Instagrammed My Lingerie Addiction, I decided this group was actually a worthwhile gathering. Australia had much more lingerie interest than when I first started the blog. The intrigue was growing.

My Maison Close zip bra
Women all over Australia were putting their hands up and admitting to being lingerie addicts and curious about what our gatherings were about. Since we're only one month into the group, I haven't talked about it in detail or put a call out to people who may be interested, but now I feel it's time. So let me tell you a little bit about LAA.

We are a group of women of varying ages and backgrounds. Some of us work in the industry as store owners, designers, fitters or models and others are pure lingerie buying enthusiasts. We aren't like alcoholics anonymous where we take you through the 12 steps to help beat your addiction. Instead, we help enable it!

We encourage conversations about better promoting lingerie for industry people and smarted ways of buying, for lingerie shoppers. We embrace wearing lingerie for yourself not for anyone else. We do a show and tell of our latest or favorite purchases. We help you find items that are on your high desire list. We connect you to people you may want to meet and converse with.

Everyone (female only I'm sorry) is welcomed if you have an interest in lingerie or want to learn more, but if bad behavior or negativity is displayed, you will not be notified of the next venue we meet at. If you don't know any of the group members and turn up at the designated venue, the good thing is we are an easy bunch to spot! A group of women all wearing lingerie as semi outerwear. Be it a harness, a bit of a stocking top showing under a skirt or a sheer top with a corset underneath. You cannot miss us.We are all clearly lingerie addicts.

My BelleChasse Bodysuit
So if you are a Melbourne based female and would like to chat about lingerie with a group of like minded enthusiasts, please contact me via email at

Do you have any questions about My Lingerie Addiction and the new founded group Lingerie Addicts Anonymous? 


  1. What a brilliant idea! I wish I were in Australia to join you fabulous ladies! And that Prelude set is STUNNING. What is the name of it and do you know whether it's still available?

    1. Aww thanks! Perhaps we will turn the group international! s for the Prelude set, I purchased it about 4 years ago so it wont be still available unless it pops up on eBay...