Wednesday, 18 December 2013


We've all heard the saying You are what you eat, but I think in this day and age- You are what you post, is a more realistic and obvious a statement for us to be making. We are constantly judging ourselves on how we look, what we wear and in general, just how we present ourselves to the small world that is close enough to view us #Ilookhottoday... I'm sorry, but we shouldn't share. We shouldn't care.

More and more seductive selfies are being taken by women and posted on their social media pages, in order to promote themselves as being, well, beautiful. Statuses shouting out to their small online community, "Hey, I'm pretty hot...Don't you agree?" This hashtagged #hotgirl #smile #beautiful #selfie photograph reaches 329 people, equaling 15 likes, equals, "Phew... You like me. You really like me... I feel good about myself now". Is this what we have actually come to..? Self esteem built up by how many likes your bikini clad photograph receives?

Let me tell you now, I don't post lingerie clad selfies of myself on the blog or social media, because I don't want to be seen in that way. Yes, perhaps I would get more hits if  I posted those full body, Instagram, photos of myself wearing the beautiful lingerie I wear, day to day (thanks for asking... but no I won't do that) that's not for everyone to see.

So when I was asked that via email the other day, it prompted me to write this post. Yes I love lingerie. Yes I wear it every day. Yes I dress up on a daily basis. But that's not done for you, it's done for me. Anytime I post a photo of myself on social media it's done in a very subtle way, for a reason. It's my personality. I am not blatant. I have class. And it's not about advertising myself as a product. I am a business. There's a difference.

This very reaction and type of question, has made me hesitate in telling people what it is I do for a living and is the reason I hide my identity on here. Not because I'm ashamed of what I do, I am actually quite honored, but people automatically form their own opinion of what My Lingerie Addiction is. SEX. It almost feels like they've just seen a selfie I'd posted, wearing only a g/string bodysuit... Seeing me as an object, a toy, or something to criticize.

When I tell people about my job, I usually get one of two reactions... Either a sleazy look that comes over most males eyes "Oh so you're into lingerie hey?" (as they insert a dirty image into their heads) or the face of uncertainty as a woman looks at me like I'm about to steal their boyfriend away from them (hussy...!). I want to break peoples opinions on what lingerie is and what the blog is actually about.

So this is as full on as my lingerie clad photos will be and I will continue my rants on things I feel strongly about. I won't post photos of myself wearing just a bra, seeking your reassurance and I wont answer your emails when you ask to see... less... I will blog about it...

If you want to see my actual reality, you can find me here on Instagram #lingerieaddiction

How do you feel about celebrities and sexy selfies? Fascinating or laughable?


  1. Well said......... :-)

    1. Why thank you! Some crucified me for this one... so I appreciate the support!

  2. I found this blog and reading some of the posts. I like your lingerie a lot.
    But I can't understand this post and how the photos of you in lingerie on Instagram, full body and zoom in are different to bikini selfies? Is not seeking likes in lingerie selfies to say you look good the same as bikini selfies? Perhaps you could help understand? The body is beautiful thing that we should not be embarrass to share about but in classy beautiful positive way? don't judge anyone what they post. Lingerie industry gets negative name because it's always linked to sex and sexy pose. I interested what you think?